The Fur Vault - Sharae Magazine team :)

Sharae Magazine had the opportunity to model with the Fur Vault at Macys in Roosevelt Field, Long Island.  These photographs are from B.HOLDER, Inc. a huge shout out to models Pakita Lee, Bianca Olivia,  Yellena, Joshua W., and Sharae Magazines NYC team.

Passion Meets Purpose

I'm very interested in expanding my brand globally. Sharaemagazine is a place for artists, photographers, models, entrepreneurs, etc to network and learn what opportunities there are. By connecting with the magazine they will gain insight on what's happening in the world of Art & Design, Fashion, and Business.

I want to help others make their dreams come true as well as create a sufficient business for my lifestyle. I hope to take sharaemagazine from an online website to a print magazine filled with articles of aspiring artists. If you like the blog please comment and tell your friends!

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