New York Dress & Reminisce Model Teja Bernee

Reminisce Models is a professional agency; established in January of 2008 providing clients with distinct and unique models from all over New York City.

The inspiration to start Reminisce came from a dream that I had. I’ve always had an eye for talent, and also use to model. So with that knowledge of the industry I formed my own agency.

Reminisce Models differs from other Agencies in many ways. All of our models have a distinct look and we cater to each model signed. We find that a lot of models seek “BIG NAME” agencies then are upset when these agencies don’t find them any work. It’s because those agencies already have their top models, so naturally they're going to get the major jobs before others are even considered. We cater to the “unknown” talented model, and that is what sets this company apart from the rest. In five years I see Reminisce Models as a Top Agency in NYC.

I want readers to know that we are always looking for new faces. You can visit ReminisceModels.com to apply. We are also scouting models for my eyewear line Ubiquity. To see some of my intricate pieces visit ubiquity.bigcartel.com and contact ubiquityeyewear@gmail.com.Mojo Disco Reminisce Modeling Agency

Stylist Darrell Peacock
Photographer Charles Lamour

A drunken girls tale. Living by the night with pain in her life. No love but lots of lust, no truth just a bunch of lies. She is staggering from the bar, with no man and no plan. An obsession for the bright lights as only made your time rough. She is helpless as she staggers down the steps. Pedestrians pay her no mind as they go on with their lives. Finally makes it to the platform. Exhausted, distressed, and disgusted with herself. Looking for help, looking for a chance, but no luck, she is still being ignored. It is all over for her, no change shall appear. And just has we begin to think she is down and out, she finds joy down the platform. The melodies playing from an acordian. As she dances to the music, she begins to realize how powerful of a woman she can be. She realizes that the change she was looking for was right in front of her all the time. Emerging from her depth, the bottomist pit, comes Teja Burnee.

To place an order visit www.newyorkdress.com!!

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