New York Dress & Reminisce Model Teja Bernee

Reminisce Models is a professional agency; established in January of 2008 providing clients with distinct and unique models from all over New York City.

The inspiration to start Reminisce came from a dream that I had. I’ve always had an eye for talent, and also use to model. So with that knowledge of the industry I formed my own agency.

Reminisce Models differs from other Agencies in many ways. All of our models have a distinct look and we cater to each model signed. We find that a lot of models seek “BIG NAME” agencies then are upset when these agencies don’t find them any work. It’s because those agencies already have their top models, so naturally they're going to get the major jobs before others are even considered. We cater to the “unknown” talented model, and that is what sets this company apart from the rest. In five years I see Reminisce Models as a Top Agency in NYC.

I want readers to know that we are always looking for new faces. You can visit ReminisceModels.com to apply. We are also scouting models for my eyewear line Ubiquity. To see some of my intricate pieces visit ubiquity.bigcartel.com and contact ubiquityeyewear@gmail.com.Mojo Disco Reminisce Modeling Agency

Stylist Darrell Peacock
Photographer Charles Lamour

A drunken girls tale. Living by the night with pain in her life. No love but lots of lust, no truth just a bunch of lies. She is staggering from the bar, with no man and no plan. An obsession for the bright lights as only made your time rough. She is helpless as she staggers down the steps. Pedestrians pay her no mind as they go on with their lives. Finally makes it to the platform. Exhausted, distressed, and disgusted with herself. Looking for help, looking for a chance, but no luck, she is still being ignored. It is all over for her, no change shall appear. And just has we begin to think she is down and out, she finds joy down the platform. The melodies playing from an acordian. As she dances to the music, she begins to realize how powerful of a woman she can be. She realizes that the change she was looking for was right in front of her all the time. Emerging from her depth, the bottomist pit, comes Teja Burnee.

To place an order visit www.newyorkdress.com!!


Marcia Hamilton - Celebrity Hair Stylist

Interview by Tiffany Ross of Sharae Magazine

Marcia Hamilton is a tremendously talented hair stylist based in Los Angeles, California.  With her aptitude, edgy and passionate approach to hair creations—fashion photographers, makeup artists, and fashion stylists agree that she is one of the most inspiring hair artists of the next century.  Marcia definitely became the “it girl” of hair because of her ability to create looks with no direction and being consistent in her ability to convey pre-determined looks effortlessly. Marcia has styled for Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Jayden Smith, Kim Kardashian, John Legend, Pink, Zoe Kravitz, Stacy Dash, Elise Neal, Kelly Rowland, Serena and Venus Williams, and Minnie Driver.  Her styles have been seen in editorials such as InStyle, Essence, Flaunt, Jane, and ESPN Magazine. She’s also works regularly with fashion photographers and she’s done makeovers for NBC, HBO, The Today Show, ABC, the Today Show, and E Entertainment.

T: Can you give me some background information, what was it that led you to believe you wanted to be a hair stylist?
M: When I was nine years old, my mom told me that I was going to be a hair stylist—obviously she saw that I was playing with my hair a lot and my dolls hair.  She foresaw it happening and just because she said it I think I wanted to go in the opposite direction.  So when I graduated high school I knew I didn’t want to go to college—but I did go to junior college for a little bit. In the bay area there are a lot of old school cars, or classic cars I would say; and I drive a lot of those so I had this incredible idea to become a mechanic.  I started taking auto shop in junior college and my boyfriend at the time crashed my car so that kind of killed the whole auto shop thing, so my cousin would keep  telling me “go to beauty school, go to beauty school” so  after the whole car thing happened I thought “let me give beauty school a try” and I went to one orientation and basically that was it! Here we are ten years later!

T: Who are some of the clients that you work with, and who are you currently working with?
M: Currently I am working with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, jayden Smith—im working a lot with the smith family.  As of recent, I haven’t had much time to venture out but other than that I’d work with Kimora Lee Simmons, Mel B, Pink, Zoe Kravitz—whoever, wherever .

T: How did you get your head out there in order to become a celebrity hair stylist?
M: I moved to Los Angeles and I started assisting a hair stylist that works with celebrities and I assisted her off and on for about two years.  When she would go off touring with celebrity clients, she would leave me to take care of her other clients and I just kind of went from there.  It sounds a lot easier than it is—I did a lot of free work, had to put up with a lot of crazy stuff; but I definitely hung in there!

T: So what is your normal everyday like?
M: Well, yesterday I did the Marc by Marc Jacobs show in the morning and that was from like 12pm to 3pm and then after I left there and I had to work with Jada at 4  o’clock.  Usually when I’m in Los Angeles; I would wake up, go to the salon around 8 o’clock depending on what my client situation is looking like.  I’d have around two, three clients and leave and head to a photo shoot after the photo shoot I’m back to the salon and do a couple more clients.  I usually do that because I try to maintain salon clients and I try to maintain the freelance life as well, so it’s a lot of juggling.  \

T: What types of events do you like styling for?
M: Red carpet of course, award shows, but I usually like red carpet events.  When I worked with the Smiths’ over the summer we did a lot of movie premiers all over the world, in different countries and it was really fun!

T: So, how does it feel to be a part of fashion week?
M: It feels really good! This is only my second season, so I’m still super new to the game and I’m so happy because I’ve talked about it for years! I got into a cab yesterday and I told him where I was going but he noticed I had a few suitcases; so he assumed I was going to the airport—but I told him “I’m going to work at a fashion show  for fashion week” and he responds “Fashion week, what is this fashion week?” I’m  like how do you not know! It’s one of the biggest events in New York!  Wow, he had no clue about fashion week. Dude, since I was eight years old I watched CNN and they would interview people back stage  and I knew I always wanted to be a part of fashion week!  When I moved to Atlanta, I started to feel that need like—I want to do it, I want to do it.  So when LA had their fashion week  I actually fell into doing it out there and what’s really crazy is that I worked with this designer Joy Han and did her look book and she wanted me to assist her some more.  But doing it out there is like nothing, so I talked it up, I let people know I wanted to come to new York!  When I finally stepped up to it, it was in February of this year—I came and it was snowing, I can say it was really hard and nobody was super friendly. You know how New Yorkers are real, so I expected to be welcomed but it didn’t happen that way but it’s okay I’ll talk to whoever that’ll talk to me and I’ll come back next season—so here I am again! Hopefully if everything goes well I’ll be back next February!

T: Is Marc Jacobs the only show you’ve styled for this fashion week?                 
M: No, I did Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford.  I was actually supposed to come to fashion week earlier but due to the Smith family I was doing work in LA so it was kind of pushing me back.

T: Moving forward, do you have any goals you’d like to share with us?
M: Well, in some point in the future I would like to launch a line. It’s not so much of a product line, but more so a hair accessories line.  I have a hankering for that, I feel that everyone has a hair product line and I’m the type of person that uses hair accessories especially when I’m assisting with photo shoots.  Fashion’s hot, everyone’s spiked out and I feel like that transcends into hair accessories.  I want to see like raw edgy pieces.  So that would definitely be my next venture. 

T: Is there any advice that you’d like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs that want to be successful like yourself?
M:  Definitely stay focused, believe in yourself, always travel out of your comfort zone, remain inspired and just go for it!

 To see more of Marcia Hamilton's work visit www.marciahamilton.com!

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