Total Recall Vintage - Interview Christine Bourie

Interview by Sharae Gibbs 

S -How would you describe the style of your clothing line?
C- We try to get a pretty eclectic mix, but I like to describe a lot of the pieces as cyberpunk electro-glam. Basically, things that women wore in 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies that took place in the year 2020 and so on.

S -What can we expect from Total Recall in the future? Will you be available in stores?
C -We would definitely like to have a storefront at some time. We love Miami and would love to be able to share our pieces on a more local level, but we'll see where we end up. We are also planning to be opening the "Nouveau" section of the site soon, where we will be featuring items from up and coming designers as well as more popular names.

S - What are some of your favorite items from the collection?
C -Well, most of the pieces I really like are in my closet, but I think the bathing suits and bodysuits are my favorite. Particularly the Saved by the Beach suit. I also really dig all of our 90s grunge stuff. Lots of floral prints.


  1. It is very hard to find a site with affordable vintage clothes... Total Recall is amazing!! I have already placed an order for two items. I am definitely going to be a frequent shopper : )....Keep it up guys!!

  2. I'm definitely going to be checking this out!


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