Expressing My Gift - CEO Willie Heyward

CEO of Expressing My Gift Willie Heyward
Exclusive Interview with Sharae Magazine

Photographer Monique Aston

What is the goal of your company EMG? 

Emg Expressingmygift is a multi-division business that focuses on finding work for the individual in their field of interest, and EMG also creates architectural designs and all other forms of arts and craft. The main division of EMG is the "Dream Promoter" in which we try to connect with the person's one true goal in life and we take it from there. The process is actually pretty simple i might add, because its as simple as a contract being negotiated between my company and the person and we find them their gig or job or we may add them with a group that need help within that same field. It's such a pleasure to know you can go home and know that there is a company out there trying to help you fulfill your dream 24/7 while you continue with your everyday life waiting on that phone call or email from EMG. Once we get that person the opportunity we also have agents that check on them and make sure they are happy and comfortable. The only thing we can't do is perform for you; that's where that person has to take matters in their own hands and be successful with what we gave them. 

The Architectural Design aspect of EMG is also a simple process where we have many young and talented people and or college students who want to make money as architects under EMG or simply selling their ideas through EMG. We also collaborate with many contracting companies and sell designs or work with them on different projects. One of the biggest projects we are currently working on is the "Eco-Church" prototype. I can only tell you but so much on the aspects of that project but its in route. 

The Arts and Craft division is just like the music division we have which is the simplest of all the divisions. Basically if your an artist or a musician, we can find jobs and gigs for you in your area through a contract with EMG, period. EMG will have many divisions added on to it in the future but we can only spread our wings but so far.

What are some of your goals in life?

I only have two goals in life and one is to be myself to the fullest within my business, family, and to this world. The second goal is to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven where I can meet my maker. Simple but Complex.

So the ladies want to know, are you single?

No I am actually in a relationship with a young vietnamese lady who I have known for a long time but only said a few words to over the years. To be short and simple, as I learned to cater to my mother in her illness, I learned a lot about how to treat a lady and love them to the point where if something would happen to me, I would know she would take care of me. I wanted someone who reminded me and was a perfect example of what I saw in my Mother and Father and she passed in flying colors. So I guess you could say I'm very happy right now with my partner.

How will you give back to your community?

Well since EMG is already designed on helping the community help themselves then I guess I'm already trying to do that. It's like this, if EMG goes as far as I'm praying then I will definitely be financially able to renovate buildings for victims and give food to the poor and etc. But my ultimate goal in this subject matter is to donate to Breast Cancer Research and slap Susan G. Komen for not giving us a cure sooner. 

I would first and foremost like to thank God because without him there would be no Willie Rashard Heyward Jr. I would also just like to thank my Samuel Cartwright (VP of EMG music division) and his lovely family for being such a great help to the business and teaching me lessons of spirituality and life. I would love to also thank my best friends Chas Johnson ( Co-Owner of EMG LLC), Brandon Chambers (SCAD Grad) , and Stevi Hall (EMG Band lead singer/rapper) and David Maloney (Computer Engineer) for everything they have done for me and just for staying by my side through thick and thin. I would like to thank David "Rookie" Edwards (Music Director of EMG Band) for being there with me since the small gigs and low-pay. I would like to thank the few cousins and relatives who actually took the time to help and encourage my family through the hard times and stayed by our side through it all. I definitely want to thank my Mom and Father and my sisters who have supported me on everything I put my mind to and I love them dearly. There was a saying that I want to leave you with that my uncle Arthur Nelson said to me in his office the day before I left for college. My uncle's quote set the tone for who I am as a person and it said,"Do good and Be good." God Bless.

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  1. Good luck with the whole movement, keep God first and you will be good


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