Celebrity Hair Stylist Derick Monroe

Interview by Pamela Gibbs

P -Who have you worked with?
D- Since then I’ve worked with Brandy, Shondrella Avery from Cuts and One on One, she was one of the actresses on there and she also was in the secret life of bees. I do part time at the Wendy show. With the Wendy show I’ve worked with Judith Light, and Stacy Dash.

P – Who are your favorite people and what are your favorite events to do hair for?
D- I like the atmosphere and the people at the Wendy show. It’s a good place because there is a rotation and you don’t get stuck with one person. You always get to experience different personalities. If you like that person then that’s a good day, and if you don’t like them then at least you don’t have to see them again. That’s always a positive.

P - I like Wendy, she cracks me up.
D- She is, when I first met her I didn’t have an official introduction, so when I met her again she shook my hand, then she looked me up and down and she actually said to me “who are you, and who are you with?”  I said “I do hair and I work here”, she said “you do my hair” and I said “Wendy you know you never seen me do your hair, no I don’t do your hair boo, I know you see it on a little mannequin and you think I did it cause anybody could be doing it but no I don’t do it.” So after that she looked me up and down and she said, “Ok, you’re cute” and that’s really the extent of our interaction.

P -Do you have advice for people coming up trying to find who they are, or their niche?

D - I would advise them to definitely learn from my first mistakes. Set up a plan, even though things do not always go as planned you should still have a plan. I’m a strong Christian and I believe in the Solomon verse, that without a strong vision people will perish. If you don’t have a vision and something that you’re aiming towards, and you’re sort of flying by the seam of your pants, you are not going to get far. Just commit and don’t allow people to change you. Set a standard for what you are going to put up with and what you’re not going to put up with. Who you’re going to be and who you’re not going to be.You don’t have time to get into certain situations and figure if you’re down for what they are trying to get you to do. I stick to who I am. Thank God that is something I do have, I didn’t have a plan but I knew who I was going to be. I was going to be the “yes” man to go in and do the job and not try to be the person who kisses up. Try to allow your work to speak for itself.

I’m thankful that you asked me to do this interview because there are things that I wish someone would have told me. I wish there was an online magazine that was telling me what I should and shouldn’t do.When you are going through it you wish you had a point of reference to say this is something I should expect. People are going to be shiesty, and people are going to back stab you. But you don’t have to become the backstabber to get back at those people.

You have to know what is yours and stay positive. People
always appreciate a good attitude and a good personality. They don’t
want to hear your complaints or stank attitude. If you are pleasant,
it will carry you further then your talent will because a lot of times
there are a lot of people that are talented. Hair stylists come a dime
a dozen but its all about what you put out, and if you genuinely
care about these people.”

P- Anything else..
D- Things will come in time, if you don’t pace yourself what you’ll
do is jump on opportunities that were never designed for you, you’ll
go for the fool’s gold instead of waiting for the real gold. Right now
we’re getting ready to work on, Marcia is the key hairstylist and I
will be the assistant stylist on Willow Smith’s new video called With
My Hair.

Always be happy for others, always push other people because
when it comes your time you are going to want people to be happy
for you. 

Pamela Gibbs of Sharae Magazine left, Derick Monroe Right


  1. I am so honored to be connected to such an amazing stylist, man of Christ, and most of all friend. -tyRis

  2. Very good interview.


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