Photographer -Curtis Bryant


A - Describe curtis bryant in one word.

A- What motivates you?
C -People motivate me. Both supporters and haters
motivate me to keep growing and get better at my craft.

A- What is the incentive behind your photography?
C- The incentive behind my photography, since i don't use photoshop, is to inspire others to have confidence in themselves no matter if they feel they don't look like the "norm" thats usually in front of the camera.

A - Where do you see yourself five years from now?

C - In five years from now I will have graduated college so
hopefully I will be working for one of my dream magazines
such as GQ , NYLON or VMAN. If  I am not working my dream job I will be in grad school for education so that I can become an art teacher.

A - How can photography change the world?
Through my photography I want to break what is considered the "norm".  I think if every photographer's work was natural (not enhanced in photoshop) then the feelings of the people themselves would change. There would also be a lot more confident people in the world.

  Interview by Asiyami Gold Wekulom

Photographer Curtist Bryant also works with color in his images. He attends Parsons "The New School", to see more of his beautiful photography visit http://twitter.com/curtisbryant or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732909404

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