Photographer & Artist - Victoria Campbell

What inspires you to create photography?

God is my number one inspiration. I feel honored every day to be able to capture images that I would not be able to without his beautiful creations. Photography allows moments, expressions, and unseen beauty to be caught that are so easily missed with all the distractions around us on a daily basis. Photography allows me to savor the moment, and create a story for onlookers they can ponder with. I draw inspiration from everything and anything, the joyful, the beautiful and the ugly. You name it, I photograph it. 
I also have this deep desire to make people feel uncomfortable with a lot of the photographs that I take. Many people in the past have gotten mixed reactions, that inspiration is enough for me.

Which do you prefer film photography or digital photography? Why?

Presently I have only been able to work with digital photography, but I have accumulated many antique cameras over the past couple of years. They include two 35mm cameras that I have film for but haven't had the chance to sit down to grasp and really appreciate. Though I must say, I highly respect film photography. One of my favorite photographers, Sally Mann, opened my eyes to how working with film and with older processes of photo making becomes more intimate. This intimacy is something I long for, and hope to experience very soon. 

What are some of your goals?

I hope to incorporate my photography into my future career. I want to bring new and raw images to the world. In saying that, I suppose my one goal is to make sure I don't allow myself to fall into one category of photography. I want to bridge all photography and bring forth a new movement. I don't want to bring only candid pictures to the public, but pictures of anything and everything that  will allow the viewer to not only glance at my photographs and move on, but stop, study it, and allow themselves to step close and have an experience. I'm not sure what this is going to take yet, but I am more then sure great ideas are on the way. Another goal of mine is to be able to conquer being in front of the camera, as well as behind.
How has Art/Photography influenced your life?

Naturally, without realizing it, art has always been a big part of my life.  At a young age in school I involved myself in taking pictures, modeling for the family camera, coloring, creating performances, singing. I participated in ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and art class. In highschool I focused on pre medicine then in my senior year I decided to take a ceramics class. I started to go to school early and stay late in order to spend extra time in this class and became involved in fashion. This class gave me the courage to be myself, and not knock my own creativity, even if people did stare. 

My second year of college I took a Visual Thinking Class and decided Studio Art should be my major. It's what I truly enjoyed. I have always loved making things, creating, sewing, decorating, painting, photographing, dancing, creative writing, poetry, etc, etc, etc. You name it, I want to learn it. For me Art and Photography allow me to see the world as a huge playground, a canvas, where, with God, the possibilities are endless. I like knowing that everywhere I go, there's art, and photography that others don't see, and we as artists have the ability to share it with them, just in case they've missed it. 


  1. those upside down photos are epic...good job on the blog so far and the individuals on them are talented.


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