Izien Ovbiagele - Eat Pray Love

Eat, Pray, Love

Let me start by saying if you haven’t seen this movie as of yet, go and purchase your ticket, whether it be in person or via the web. Julia Roberts plays the starring role in this phenomenal movie about a woman who learns how to let go, and love again. While she goes through the process of reconnecting with her inner being, she meets new people, forms strong bonds, and connects with individuals who each teach her valuable lessons in life. One of the key lessons expressed in the movie is having the ability to forgive and let go of life’s triumphs. 

Many of us allow our past to haunt our present; few of us are aware
 that our past does not make our future.

Is it in our nature to forgive another for slaying the very backs of the so-called people we token as “loved” ones, or even ourselves? All of us have done so more than once in our lives but many of us are afraid of the truth. The truth is what we need instead of being stuck in a whirlwind of endless denial. People who cheat on their spouses stay together in spite of society's view of what commitment should be. Many kids live in homes with married parents but broken houses; yeah, I know, how ironic. Many people work endless hours in work fields they never even had passion for, but only yearn for the hellish money and prestige gained in the process. What happens after that? We’re caught up in this technological/money-hungry world where a majority of us leave behind our morals in exchange for our greedy desires. Some sacrifice their families, marriages, heck—- they sacrifice their own happiness to live up to the standards of what the media and society has subconsciously set up for us. 

Take a mental break if needed, you know when your mind and body is tired. Read a book if you like, travel, or leave your phone and other gadgets at home and take a step outside. Learn to feel and see the beauty of nature; in the U.S., the stature of living is increasingly becoming fast-paced in the sense that we are forgetting to cherish the essential needs in our lives such as love, happiness, and faith. We’re putting more focus on the things in life that perish, advocating the fire to what is only temporary satisfaction.                                    
                                                                                    -Izien Ovbiagele


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