Graphic Designer - Roberto Blake

" I really enjoyed working on this particular project and learned a great deal from the process. I have plans to work on several other self published projects in the very near future, and am even feeling request for collaboration work for my next book. " -Roberto Blake
In Spring of 2010 Blake self published his first book "ARTFUL MANIPULATIONS" which is ultimately a collection of his best digital art and designs up to this point.

Roberto Blake is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Digital Artist from Brooklyn New York. His website showcases Roberto Blake and his abilities in: Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Print Production and Layout Design, Typography, Logo Design and Branding, Digital Art, Illustration, and Flash.  Here are some of his services,

Branding & Logo Design
Corporate Identity Materials
Business Card Design
Catalog & Brochure Design
Advertising Materials
Marketing Collateral
Poster Design
Flyer Design
Web Design/ Development
Content Management
Email Advertisements
Search Engine Optimization
Flash Design/ Development

He has been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine 67 March/April 2010 and Photoshop Creative Magazine 54 November/December 2009, Design Juices, Miniverty, and Web Design Core. Roberto Blake is available for commissions and freelance Graphic Design projects. PLEASE VISIT http://robertoblake.com/about.php for more information on this artist.

I was so honored to interview this influential Graphic Designer. Roberto Blake is truly an inspiration and he continues to master multiple skills in the field of Graphic Design. Here is an excerpt from the interview that will be published in Sharae Magazine this fall.

S- Where do you find your inspiration to create your artwork?

R- I find my inspiration in the world around me and in things I see and read. I will read something in a novel and it will strike a cord, or I will design something based on a set of lyrics in the song and the emotions they send through me.

S -What advice do you have for aspiring Graphic Designers?

R -Learn everything you can, and work toward it every day, get heavily in to working with typography, textures, and photo manipulation, master layout design and typography if you want an early job in the industry and to be taken seriously, and carve out your own path, what was tried and true may not work for you. I took an unconventional route to success that I have yet to regret.

S- Who are the greatest influences in your life?

R -My mother and my uncle. My uncle influenced me heavily in my childhood since he was a talented illustrator and introduced me to comic books and anime, which also are heavy influences in my life. My mother has always fostered my creativity and helped me to stay creative and confident and taught me that dreaming is always worthwhile.

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