Brooklyn Museum - Andy Warhol The Last Decade

It was a gorgeous day in NYC to explore the various museums and exhibitions.With so many diverse people and places to travel in New York, there's no reason why anyone should be caught indoors.  While at the Brooklyn Museum I met some new friends and enjoyed great conversation. Take yourself out of your element, if need be travel on the train for an hour or so and see where you might end up!

Andy Warhol: The Last Decade examines the late work of American artist Andy Warhol (1928–1987). This exhibition displays a "decade of great artistic development for him, during which a dramatic transformation of his style took place alongside the introduction of new techniques."

As an aspiring graphic designer, I was in awe of his Self Portrait (strangulation) and his obsession with death. Though what I admire most about Warhol is how diverse and advanced he was for his time. He "continues to expand upon his artistic and business ventures with commissioned portraits, print series, television productions, and fashion projects, but he also reengaged with painting."  - http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/andy_warhol/

photography & article by Sharae Gibbs of sharaemagazine


B.HOLDER PHOTO INC. Sept. Issue 2010 Photoshoot sharaemagazine

Even in the thunder and rain fashion prevails! I had such a great time at this photoshoot with none other than Beverly Holder, my talented Aunt, and photographer; and model for sharaemagazine Simone Tubbs. Enjoy this slideshow of our fashion shoot in Long Island City, Queens located near the Pier overlooking the beautiful city life of Manhattan! This photoshoot marks the first online cover of sharaemagazine and each month I hope to promote more aspiring artists, models, designers, and photographers. If you have any work that you'd like me to review for the magazine please message me on Facebook or send me your work at sharaegibbs@yahoo.com. I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am of my supportive fans and friends. Enjoy the show!


Izien Ovbiagele - Eat Pray Love

Eat, Pray, Love

Let me start by saying if you haven’t seen this movie as of yet, go and purchase your ticket, whether it be in person or via the web. Julia Roberts plays the starring role in this phenomenal movie about a woman who learns how to let go, and love again. While she goes through the process of reconnecting with her inner being, she meets new people, forms strong bonds, and connects with individuals who each teach her valuable lessons in life. One of the key lessons expressed in the movie is having the ability to forgive and let go of life’s triumphs. 

Many of us allow our past to haunt our present; few of us are aware
 that our past does not make our future.

Is it in our nature to forgive another for slaying the very backs of the so-called people we token as “loved” ones, or even ourselves? All of us have done so more than once in our lives but many of us are afraid of the truth. The truth is what we need instead of being stuck in a whirlwind of endless denial. People who cheat on their spouses stay together in spite of society's view of what commitment should be. Many kids live in homes with married parents but broken houses; yeah, I know, how ironic. Many people work endless hours in work fields they never even had passion for, but only yearn for the hellish money and prestige gained in the process. What happens after that? We’re caught up in this technological/money-hungry world where a majority of us leave behind our morals in exchange for our greedy desires. Some sacrifice their families, marriages, heck—- they sacrifice their own happiness to live up to the standards of what the media and society has subconsciously set up for us. 

Take a mental break if needed, you know when your mind and body is tired. Read a book if you like, travel, or leave your phone and other gadgets at home and take a step outside. Learn to feel and see the beauty of nature; in the U.S., the stature of living is increasingly becoming fast-paced in the sense that we are forgetting to cherish the essential needs in our lives such as love, happiness, and faith. We’re putting more focus on the things in life that perish, advocating the fire to what is only temporary satisfaction.                                    
                                                                                    -Izien Ovbiagele



Alex Folzi - Briefcases & Trunks

 "ALEX FOLZI is an elegant brand inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of the army, air force, navy, sailors and in general the Northern American/European couture. " -http://www.alexfolzi.ca/

The Alex Folzi Briefcases and Trunks come in an array of different colors.  You can order these trendy and vintage briefcases at http://www.alexfolzi.ca/. Their style of clothing allows for the "individual to seek to express themselves through fashion." These briefcases and trunks definitely stand out whether you are in a business meeting or are trying to distinguish your luggage in a crowded airport!

To learn more about Alex Folzi, visit


Sugar & Spikes Fashion Show

Event by Pamela Gibbs
Photography by B.HOLDER PHOTO, INC.

Rock and Rollers from all over the city came to enjoy a night of music, mingling and fashion. The band TSI, which was founded in 2004 by Geoff Lenox, performed "Make it Mine", "Hands off My Rock & Roll" and more. Reverbnation.com described their sounds as "loud, catchy, and danceable music." They're primarily a punk band, but they are also influenced by many varieties of rock n' roll and metal.

As the band peformed, the models of Sugar & Spikes strutted down the runway in their funky fashions. At a back table in the club vendors sold TSI t-shirts and CD's. A runway lined the floor in front of a stage lit with rock and roll musicians.


Photographer & Artist - Victoria Campbell

What inspires you to create photography?

God is my number one inspiration. I feel honored every day to be able to capture images that I would not be able to without his beautiful creations. Photography allows moments, expressions, and unseen beauty to be caught that are so easily missed with all the distractions around us on a daily basis. Photography allows me to savor the moment, and create a story for onlookers they can ponder with. I draw inspiration from everything and anything, the joyful, the beautiful and the ugly. You name it, I photograph it. 
I also have this deep desire to make people feel uncomfortable with a lot of the photographs that I take. Many people in the past have gotten mixed reactions, that inspiration is enough for me.

Which do you prefer film photography or digital photography? Why?

Presently I have only been able to work with digital photography, but I have accumulated many antique cameras over the past couple of years. They include two 35mm cameras that I have film for but haven't had the chance to sit down to grasp and really appreciate. Though I must say, I highly respect film photography. One of my favorite photographers, Sally Mann, opened my eyes to how working with film and with older processes of photo making becomes more intimate. This intimacy is something I long for, and hope to experience very soon. 

What are some of your goals?

I hope to incorporate my photography into my future career. I want to bring new and raw images to the world. In saying that, I suppose my one goal is to make sure I don't allow myself to fall into one category of photography. I want to bridge all photography and bring forth a new movement. I don't want to bring only candid pictures to the public, but pictures of anything and everything that  will allow the viewer to not only glance at my photographs and move on, but stop, study it, and allow themselves to step close and have an experience. I'm not sure what this is going to take yet, but I am more then sure great ideas are on the way. Another goal of mine is to be able to conquer being in front of the camera, as well as behind.
How has Art/Photography influenced your life?

Naturally, without realizing it, art has always been a big part of my life.  At a young age in school I involved myself in taking pictures, modeling for the family camera, coloring, creating performances, singing. I participated in ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and art class. In highschool I focused on pre medicine then in my senior year I decided to take a ceramics class. I started to go to school early and stay late in order to spend extra time in this class and became involved in fashion. This class gave me the courage to be myself, and not knock my own creativity, even if people did stare. 

My second year of college I took a Visual Thinking Class and decided Studio Art should be my major. It's what I truly enjoyed. I have always loved making things, creating, sewing, decorating, painting, photographing, dancing, creative writing, poetry, etc, etc, etc. You name it, I want to learn it. For me Art and Photography allow me to see the world as a huge playground, a canvas, where, with God, the possibilities are endless. I like knowing that everywhere I go, there's art, and photography that others don't see, and we as artists have the ability to share it with them, just in case they've missed it. 


Betsey Johnson - Birthday Bash

Event by Pamela Gibbs

I had the pleasure to attend Betsey Johnson's Birthday Bash yesterday located at her Soho Boutique on Wooster street. She is known for her welcoming and colorful personality and "flirty" and "sassy" style. Johnson posed for pictures with her admiring fans and also made a few thank you speeches. She also announced yesterday that she would be a judge on this seasons Project Runway!

Her employees were dressed in her beautiful fashions and she wore a contagious smile that spread throughout the room. Drinks were served as well as cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe and chocolate covered strawberries, brownie bites and other delicious desserts. Betsey's Birthday Bash was not only a celebration for her, it was an extravaganza for all of her fans!


Photographer -Curtis Bryant


A - Describe curtis bryant in one word.

A- What motivates you?
C -People motivate me. Both supporters and haters
motivate me to keep growing and get better at my craft.

A- What is the incentive behind your photography?
C- The incentive behind my photography, since i don't use photoshop, is to inspire others to have confidence in themselves no matter if they feel they don't look like the "norm" thats usually in front of the camera.

A - Where do you see yourself five years from now?

C - In five years from now I will have graduated college so
hopefully I will be working for one of my dream magazines
such as GQ , NYLON or VMAN. If  I am not working my dream job I will be in grad school for education so that I can become an art teacher.

A - How can photography change the world?
Through my photography I want to break what is considered the "norm".  I think if every photographer's work was natural (not enhanced in photoshop) then the feelings of the people themselves would change. There would also be a lot more confident people in the world.

  Interview by Asiyami Gold Wekulom

Photographer Curtist Bryant also works with color in his images. He attends Parsons "The New School", to see more of his beautiful photography visit http://twitter.com/curtisbryant or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732909404


Jerrell Hazard Holmes

Jerrell Holmes, known in the streets at "Huva Haz" isn't your average twenty-year old rapper. He exemplifies what happens when natural, uncut talent and brimming creativity mixes with pure energy and enthusiasm. Born straight out of Far Rockaway Queens where failure is not a part of his life. To be successful is a grind that he is willing to take on. As a rapper/song writer he expands his horizon coming up with new ways to create great music. His Love for the stage and history of performing with an uncanny ability to connect with the crowd and maintain the flow of an event is the secret to Huva Haz’s success.



La Vita Clothing - Designer Ryan Grant

Interview by Asiyami Gold Wekulom
A - La Vita, what does that mean?
R - La Vita means "The life" in Italian, it is the life that we all as individuals chase.
Whether it be for the riches, the fame, the modest life, or whatever it just incorporates
the life we have all dreamed of living.

A - What inspired you to create your own
clothing line?
R -I have always had a passion and a love for clothing. The way it feels, the way you can alter it to fit your personality, so I was basically tired of wearing what I felt like was generic clothing and decided to make a change and provide what I felt could be timeless, première clothing that you could wear years from now. 

A - Besides La Vita what other brand of clothing do you wear?
R - I am a major brand of no brands! I love it all of Hanes' white tees that you can cut up to high end Bally shoes I just love it all!

A - How will your clothing line benefit others?
R - I plan on donating some of the profit made from the shirts to the heart society.I feel my clothing is more than just clothing; its a movement that shows young individuals everywhere that no dream is to big if you believe in your work, stay passionate, and stay humble. I also believe that the life you chase can be attained.

A - Where do you see your clothing line five years from now?
R -  In five years from now I see La Vita as an International brand. 
Hopefully it will continue to spread the message of chasing 
anything you want in life.

**Shirts can be ordered from www.lavitaclothing.com**


Graphic Designer - Roberto Blake

" I really enjoyed working on this particular project and learned a great deal from the process. I have plans to work on several other self published projects in the very near future, and am even feeling request for collaboration work for my next book. " -Roberto Blake
In Spring of 2010 Blake self published his first book "ARTFUL MANIPULATIONS" which is ultimately a collection of his best digital art and designs up to this point.

Roberto Blake is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Digital Artist from Brooklyn New York. His website showcases Roberto Blake and his abilities in: Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Print Production and Layout Design, Typography, Logo Design and Branding, Digital Art, Illustration, and Flash.  Here are some of his services,

Branding & Logo Design
Corporate Identity Materials
Business Card Design
Catalog & Brochure Design
Advertising Materials
Marketing Collateral
Poster Design
Flyer Design
Web Design/ Development
Content Management
Email Advertisements
Search Engine Optimization
Flash Design/ Development

He has been featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine 67 March/April 2010 and Photoshop Creative Magazine 54 November/December 2009, Design Juices, Miniverty, and Web Design Core. Roberto Blake is available for commissions and freelance Graphic Design projects. PLEASE VISIT http://robertoblake.com/about.php for more information on this artist.

I was so honored to interview this influential Graphic Designer. Roberto Blake is truly an inspiration and he continues to master multiple skills in the field of Graphic Design. Here is an excerpt from the interview that will be published in Sharae Magazine this fall.

S- Where do you find your inspiration to create your artwork?

R- I find my inspiration in the world around me and in things I see and read. I will read something in a novel and it will strike a cord, or I will design something based on a set of lyrics in the song and the emotions they send through me.

S -What advice do you have for aspiring Graphic Designers?

R -Learn everything you can, and work toward it every day, get heavily in to working with typography, textures, and photo manipulation, master layout design and typography if you want an early job in the industry and to be taken seriously, and carve out your own path, what was tried and true may not work for you. I took an unconventional route to success that I have yet to regret.

S- Who are the greatest influences in your life?

R -My mother and my uncle. My uncle influenced me heavily in my childhood since he was a talented illustrator and introduced me to comic books and anime, which also are heavy influences in my life. My mother has always fostered my creativity and helped me to stay creative and confident and taught me that dreaming is always worthwhile.

Vocal Artist - Paige Lanae

 Interview by Sharae Gibbs of sharaemagazine

This beautiful and talented Vocal Artist is bringing a new diverse sound to music. Embrace her music and style, and get to know the artist Paige Lanae. http://twiturm.com/jqp20

S - How would you describe your style of music?
P - I describe my sound as pure art, people like to call it indie pop, and I'm fine with that, but at the end of the day its just a sound of a piece of art I created.

S - Who are your influences in the music industry?
P - In music I'm more influenced by KanYe than any other music artist, his words and the way he creates it into major hits is one thing that has inspired not just my music life but my whole life. I will mention Amy Whinehouse, Lilly Allen, Eryka Badu, MGMT they have also influenced me in some sort of way.

Art comes in Distinct forms

Choose Not to Fall, a documentary on park ouring by Daniel Ilabaca. The art of Park ouring is a Sacred gift, it's a way for people to use their bodies to balance the physical facet of this world. Daniel Ilabaca zeal towards what he does is very inspirational, Watch and be Enlightned. "If you're afraid to fall, you fall because you're afraid, everything is choice."-ilabaca


Fashionista - Asiyami Gold

TOMS Shoes

I fell in love with TOMS shoes the moment I realized that they were invented for a spectacular purpose. TOMS shoes is an American footwear company based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas. The purpose of this company is that with every pair sold, TOMS would donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need.
These shoes are extremely comfortable, and they can be worn with any outfit. The nifty factor about them is that they come in all colors & patterns. They are also unisex < ---- AMAZING. My favorite collection is the vegan collection, because it’s miscellaneous and is created for those who DARE to be different.
I believe everyone should own a pair of TOMS shoes in their closet, they can be ordered online at www.toms.com. The prices range from $40-$70, which is not expensive because you are also buying a pair of shoes for a kid somewhere in the world who needs them. I always have a sense of satisfaction when I wear my TOMS, and I guarantee you will also.                         
                                                                      - Asiyami Gold
Official Store - TOMS Shoes - One for One - 
A Pair of New Shoes is Given to a Child in Need With Eve

Poet & Writer - Izien Ovbiagele

"I am portraying my thoughts on life, & fashion. I write poetry, and I one day aspire to be a fashion editor, PR specialist, & writer of a NY Times book on my thoughts and lessons learned throughout my life." -Izien Ovbiagele

The LEGENDARY Alexander McQueen

One of fashion’s top designer’s, Alexander McQueen, held the golden key to a door in which not too many designers opened; into a fashionista world embraced by the rapid metamorphic medium of design inspired in the ascent of technology. McQueen withheld a unique trait composed partly of a mind-boggling talent in technical skill, and a prodigious imagination that very few designers’ ever incorporated.

Thanks to the brilliant workings of McQueen’s Spring/Summer collection, women have the chance to experience the designer’s top-selling collection. This includes watery color print, aquatic/reptilian prints, and flowery romantic ruffles that appear to be the “fresh look” for this spring.

McQueen collaborated with music artist Lady gaga who used his designs in her premiere of her latest single, “Bad Romance.” She stated, “I love him more than any other designer… for his animalistic and feminine quality of his collection.”

This was a man who dominated the world of fashion. Alexander McQueen’s unexpected demise at the peak of utter creativity and influence still lights the artistic design spectrum he never failed to leave dim.

-Izien Ovbiagele 


Fashion Trendsetter - Olu Alege

Interview by Asiyami Gold Wekulom of sharáemagazine

A - Where do your inspirations come from?
O - My inspirations come from life itself. We live in a world in which people follow and focus on new trends. That’s enough inspiration for me. I'm just trying to be myself in all aspects of my lifestyle and knowing that I can bring something new to that extent excites me each and everyday

A - What is your dream occupation?
O -My dream occupation is to become designer. But to me designing is more than just clothes or accessories. Designing is art...its life...its music...its at a whole...when people buy what I make...I want them to buy a sort of lifestyle not just clothes. I feel through clothing you express so much more of what the naked eye actually sees and I want to incorporate that vision into anybody who is a part of what I create.

A - What are some of your goals in life?
O - My goals in life are to take over the world. POINT BLANK! Whether it is fashion or business, I have this one specific task and that is to takeover the world by storm, but I must remember to always help others no matter what situation i am currently in. I always talk about being approachable and being able to relate to anybody I come in contact with.I believe that’s the most essential part of being human…Well isn’t it?

A - How would you explain your personal style?
O -My personal style is really just me being me. From tanks to bow-ties, I think that style is another word for being versatile and really that’s what its all about. Being able to dress up one way and switch it up the next is really important to me. My style portrays the way I think and how im feeling. I also believe that accessories really make your outfit. Whether it be a pin or a Patch..I LOVE ACCESSORIES

A - Who are your favorite designers now?
My Favorite designers right now would have to be Jeremy Scott ,Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren. Without a DOUBT!. I mean for the time being haha

A- What motivates you?
O -Many things motivate me. From my mother raising four kids by herself to the love and passion I have for this field. But the one thing that keeps me going everyday is the fact that I want to show the world IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING and through God all things are made possible.


Fashion Designer - Tsemaye Binitie

" The woman is a modern icon of strength, beauty, and glamor. I'm inspired by everything around me and I take something from every girl I know. It's key for my label to have mass appeal. Seasonally inspiration is always different but 'Tsemaye' is constant. My Fall 2010 collection was inspired by my observations of a jelly-fish, and my niece's
cut- out dress dolls inspired my 
Spring 2011 collection."

 - Tsemaye Binitie

Tsemaye Binitie is a graduate of Kingston Univerity London. After interning with John Richmond and working on the design team of Stella McCarthy he developed his design skills. These experiences would lead him to launch his contemporary label in 2009.

His innovative designs convey an elegance through the use of sharp contour lines, meticulous cuts, and indulgent fabrics.

Tsemaye Binitie is a phenomenal fashion designer and I was so pleased to network with him. His full
article will be displayed on sharaemagazine!

Visit http://www.stylehousefiles.com/a-day-in-the-life-of-tsemaye-binitie/



Event Planner - Pamela Gibbs

Yoga @ Bryant Park Tues. 10- 11 am Thurs.6-7 pm

"The cool breeze hits my face as I sit with my legs crossed and spine straight facing 6th avenue I'm kind of nervous wondering if this is going to be hard. Please let this teacher take it slow today, this is my first time. She speaks to us calmly "stay centered and listen to yourself breathe." Soon I'm more in touch with what she's actually saying rather than my own personal thoughts. All of the stress lifts from my shoulders and we begin. We follow her like robots "stand straight but bend down until your fingers touch the earth, stretch out your right leg, lift your left arm, jump forward, jump and put your feet out, lay on your stomach ASANAS, put your chest out with your head to the sky (kind of like Simon says).


Soon the sweat is collecting around my face but I'm determined to make it through; this feeling is amazing. My bangs are sticking to my face so I sweep them behind my ears. I can feel the cool breeze hit my face now and my body begins to feel lighter. Downward facing dog (I'm familiar with that pose). We press one foot into our leg and gently press our palms to the person beside us. Now we are all connected and move with the rhythm of our hearts. I'm sure the onlookers of the park have the desire to be connected as well. We lay on our backs and inhale ASANAS, then exhale. Eventually my thoughts are more clear and I'm listening to the chirp of a distant bird, the honk of a cab, the sound of the wind and the whisper of my internal breathing. So this is Yoga..I like it" 
- Pamela Gibbs

My amazingly intelligent sister has just completed her Undergrad Degree at North Carolina A & T for business administration. Her new passion is for life and finding out what's happening in the City? She's a party girl at heart, but with a whole lot of knowledge she plans to run her own Event Planning Business. I'm working with her to become more "creative" so this blog is for her to open herself up to everyone here at sharaemagazine. 
Keep yourself updated with her, she'll be posting the 
upcoming and free events in NYC!!

Film - Nikita K. Carpenter

"It's to hold gels and diffusions on lights!" He told me when I asked why there were clothes pins on his hat. This young handsome and talented film maker has been working on his craft diligently since a high school student at Savannah Arts Academy. 

Currently Nikita K. Carpenter is a colleague of mine at Savannah College of Art & Design working on many diverse film projects. Check out his work at http://www.vimeo.com/user516998 http://studentpages.scad.edu/~ncarpe21/ &  http://nkta.tumblr.com/
Nikita's Demo Reel from Glasshead on Vimeo.


Designer - Funfere Keniye Koroye

"Over the years I have described myself but I have gotten to an age of enlightenment. I am who I want to be and that is respected member of my generation. I say what I see because the eyes are the gateway to truth. I am an artist, engineer and entrepreneur. I am into fashion, photography, and graphics are leisure activities of mine. Some say I do too much but what is life if you don’t explore all you are and dream of. Watch and follow me, I am sure I will inspire." - Funfere Koroye


I had the pleasure to network with a fellow colleague of mine; Funfere Keniye Koroye. His passion for fashion and other aspects of design has inspired me to create this blog and further pursue my goals. 

Graphic Design- Smashing Magazine

www.smashingmagazine.com is a great website for graphic designers. They have a variety of articles and tutorials to assist and inspire designs.
Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Its aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. They convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information they present. Every day thousands of talented, hard-working folks out there gain new insight from their work, come up with brilliant ideas and then share their experience with fellow designers.

Model - Fela Fagbure

“I like that combination between creativity and the creative process and the organization needed to make a business like this
successful worldwide.”

This talented and sexy model actually has a twin; Fola Fagbure. Be sure to look out for ALEX FOLZI an elegant brand inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of the army, air force, navy, sailors and in general the Northern American/European couture.

Passion Meets Purpose

I'm very interested in expanding my brand globally. Sharaemagazine is a place for artists, photographers, models, entrepreneurs, etc to network and learn what opportunities there are. By connecting with the magazine they will gain insight on what's happening in the world of Art & Design, Fashion, and Business.

I want to help others make their dreams come true as well as create a sufficient business for my lifestyle. I hope to take sharaemagazine from an online website to a print magazine filled with articles of aspiring artists. If you like the blog please comment and tell your friends!

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