New York Dress & Reminisce Model Teja Bernee

Reminisce Models is a professional agency; established in January of 2008 providing clients with distinct and unique models from all over New York City.

The inspiration to start Reminisce came from a dream that I had. I’ve always had an eye for talent, and also use to model. So with that knowledge of the industry I formed my own agency.

Reminisce Models differs from other Agencies in many ways. All of our models have a distinct look and we cater to each model signed. We find that a lot of models seek “BIG NAME” agencies then are upset when these agencies don’t find them any work. It’s because those agencies already have their top models, so naturally they're going to get the major jobs before others are even considered. We cater to the “unknown” talented model, and that is what sets this company apart from the rest. In five years I see Reminisce Models as a Top Agency in NYC.

I want readers to know that we are always looking for new faces. You can visit ReminisceModels.com to apply. We are also scouting models for my eyewear line Ubiquity. To see some of my intricate pieces visit ubiquity.bigcartel.com and contact ubiquityeyewear@gmail.com.Mojo Disco Reminisce Modeling Agency

Stylist Darrell Peacock
Photographer Charles Lamour

A drunken girls tale. Living by the night with pain in her life. No love but lots of lust, no truth just a bunch of lies. She is staggering from the bar, with no man and no plan. An obsession for the bright lights as only made your time rough. She is helpless as she staggers down the steps. Pedestrians pay her no mind as they go on with their lives. Finally makes it to the platform. Exhausted, distressed, and disgusted with herself. Looking for help, looking for a chance, but no luck, she is still being ignored. It is all over for her, no change shall appear. And just has we begin to think she is down and out, she finds joy down the platform. The melodies playing from an acordian. As she dances to the music, she begins to realize how powerful of a woman she can be. She realizes that the change she was looking for was right in front of her all the time. Emerging from her depth, the bottomist pit, comes Teja Burnee.

To place an order visit www.newyorkdress.com!!


Marcia Hamilton - Celebrity Hair Stylist

Interview by Tiffany Ross of Sharae Magazine

Marcia Hamilton is a tremendously talented hair stylist based in Los Angeles, California.  With her aptitude, edgy and passionate approach to hair creations—fashion photographers, makeup artists, and fashion stylists agree that she is one of the most inspiring hair artists of the next century.  Marcia definitely became the “it girl” of hair because of her ability to create looks with no direction and being consistent in her ability to convey pre-determined looks effortlessly. Marcia has styled for Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Jayden Smith, Kim Kardashian, John Legend, Pink, Zoe Kravitz, Stacy Dash, Elise Neal, Kelly Rowland, Serena and Venus Williams, and Minnie Driver.  Her styles have been seen in editorials such as InStyle, Essence, Flaunt, Jane, and ESPN Magazine. She’s also works regularly with fashion photographers and she’s done makeovers for NBC, HBO, The Today Show, ABC, the Today Show, and E Entertainment.

T: Can you give me some background information, what was it that led you to believe you wanted to be a hair stylist?
M: When I was nine years old, my mom told me that I was going to be a hair stylist—obviously she saw that I was playing with my hair a lot and my dolls hair.  She foresaw it happening and just because she said it I think I wanted to go in the opposite direction.  So when I graduated high school I knew I didn’t want to go to college—but I did go to junior college for a little bit. In the bay area there are a lot of old school cars, or classic cars I would say; and I drive a lot of those so I had this incredible idea to become a mechanic.  I started taking auto shop in junior college and my boyfriend at the time crashed my car so that kind of killed the whole auto shop thing, so my cousin would keep  telling me “go to beauty school, go to beauty school” so  after the whole car thing happened I thought “let me give beauty school a try” and I went to one orientation and basically that was it! Here we are ten years later!

T: Who are some of the clients that you work with, and who are you currently working with?
M: Currently I am working with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, jayden Smith—im working a lot with the smith family.  As of recent, I haven’t had much time to venture out but other than that I’d work with Kimora Lee Simmons, Mel B, Pink, Zoe Kravitz—whoever, wherever .

T: How did you get your head out there in order to become a celebrity hair stylist?
M: I moved to Los Angeles and I started assisting a hair stylist that works with celebrities and I assisted her off and on for about two years.  When she would go off touring with celebrity clients, she would leave me to take care of her other clients and I just kind of went from there.  It sounds a lot easier than it is—I did a lot of free work, had to put up with a lot of crazy stuff; but I definitely hung in there!

T: So what is your normal everyday like?
M: Well, yesterday I did the Marc by Marc Jacobs show in the morning and that was from like 12pm to 3pm and then after I left there and I had to work with Jada at 4  o’clock.  Usually when I’m in Los Angeles; I would wake up, go to the salon around 8 o’clock depending on what my client situation is looking like.  I’d have around two, three clients and leave and head to a photo shoot after the photo shoot I’m back to the salon and do a couple more clients.  I usually do that because I try to maintain salon clients and I try to maintain the freelance life as well, so it’s a lot of juggling.  \

T: What types of events do you like styling for?
M: Red carpet of course, award shows, but I usually like red carpet events.  When I worked with the Smiths’ over the summer we did a lot of movie premiers all over the world, in different countries and it was really fun!

T: So, how does it feel to be a part of fashion week?
M: It feels really good! This is only my second season, so I’m still super new to the game and I’m so happy because I’ve talked about it for years! I got into a cab yesterday and I told him where I was going but he noticed I had a few suitcases; so he assumed I was going to the airport—but I told him “I’m going to work at a fashion show  for fashion week” and he responds “Fashion week, what is this fashion week?” I’m  like how do you not know! It’s one of the biggest events in New York!  Wow, he had no clue about fashion week. Dude, since I was eight years old I watched CNN and they would interview people back stage  and I knew I always wanted to be a part of fashion week!  When I moved to Atlanta, I started to feel that need like—I want to do it, I want to do it.  So when LA had their fashion week  I actually fell into doing it out there and what’s really crazy is that I worked with this designer Joy Han and did her look book and she wanted me to assist her some more.  But doing it out there is like nothing, so I talked it up, I let people know I wanted to come to new York!  When I finally stepped up to it, it was in February of this year—I came and it was snowing, I can say it was really hard and nobody was super friendly. You know how New Yorkers are real, so I expected to be welcomed but it didn’t happen that way but it’s okay I’ll talk to whoever that’ll talk to me and I’ll come back next season—so here I am again! Hopefully if everything goes well I’ll be back next February!

T: Is Marc Jacobs the only show you’ve styled for this fashion week?                 
M: No, I did Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford.  I was actually supposed to come to fashion week earlier but due to the Smith family I was doing work in LA so it was kind of pushing me back.

T: Moving forward, do you have any goals you’d like to share with us?
M: Well, in some point in the future I would like to launch a line. It’s not so much of a product line, but more so a hair accessories line.  I have a hankering for that, I feel that everyone has a hair product line and I’m the type of person that uses hair accessories especially when I’m assisting with photo shoots.  Fashion’s hot, everyone’s spiked out and I feel like that transcends into hair accessories.  I want to see like raw edgy pieces.  So that would definitely be my next venture. 

T: Is there any advice that you’d like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs that want to be successful like yourself?
M:  Definitely stay focused, believe in yourself, always travel out of your comfort zone, remain inspired and just go for it!

 To see more of Marcia Hamilton's work visit www.marciahamilton.com!


Surreal College Night at the High Museum

Surreal College Night at the High Museum, Atlanta, Ga
Written by Victoria Campbell

College Night at the High is a hit for all colleges in the Atlanta Metro Area. A chance to mingle with fellow students, and of all times, the High has Dali present. College Day happens every year, and as a fellow attender from previous years, trust that you will want to attend this in your years to come. The High always has activities to do amongst the art including a chance to draw from a live model and great music that you can boogie to! 

Don't fret if you missed it dears, Dali is at the High until January, and below are more killer events that you won't want to miss out on!

Jazz every 3rd Friday of the month, the next one being September 5th, 5-10PM.
Film showings, including: 
The Latin American Film Festival September 24th -October 30th 
The Festival of Fantasy and the Surreal November 5th-20th

Check out their website to see specifics on the above events: 
Link: http://www.high.org/main.taf?p=0


Expressing My Gift - CEO Willie Heyward

CEO of Expressing My Gift Willie Heyward
Exclusive Interview with Sharae Magazine

Photographer Monique Aston

What is the goal of your company EMG? 

Emg Expressingmygift is a multi-division business that focuses on finding work for the individual in their field of interest, and EMG also creates architectural designs and all other forms of arts and craft. The main division of EMG is the "Dream Promoter" in which we try to connect with the person's one true goal in life and we take it from there. The process is actually pretty simple i might add, because its as simple as a contract being negotiated between my company and the person and we find them their gig or job or we may add them with a group that need help within that same field. It's such a pleasure to know you can go home and know that there is a company out there trying to help you fulfill your dream 24/7 while you continue with your everyday life waiting on that phone call or email from EMG. Once we get that person the opportunity we also have agents that check on them and make sure they are happy and comfortable. The only thing we can't do is perform for you; that's where that person has to take matters in their own hands and be successful with what we gave them. 

The Architectural Design aspect of EMG is also a simple process where we have many young and talented people and or college students who want to make money as architects under EMG or simply selling their ideas through EMG. We also collaborate with many contracting companies and sell designs or work with them on different projects. One of the biggest projects we are currently working on is the "Eco-Church" prototype. I can only tell you but so much on the aspects of that project but its in route. 

The Arts and Craft division is just like the music division we have which is the simplest of all the divisions. Basically if your an artist or a musician, we can find jobs and gigs for you in your area through a contract with EMG, period. EMG will have many divisions added on to it in the future but we can only spread our wings but so far.

What are some of your goals in life?

I only have two goals in life and one is to be myself to the fullest within my business, family, and to this world. The second goal is to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven where I can meet my maker. Simple but Complex.

So the ladies want to know, are you single?

No I am actually in a relationship with a young vietnamese lady who I have known for a long time but only said a few words to over the years. To be short and simple, as I learned to cater to my mother in her illness, I learned a lot about how to treat a lady and love them to the point where if something would happen to me, I would know she would take care of me. I wanted someone who reminded me and was a perfect example of what I saw in my Mother and Father and she passed in flying colors. So I guess you could say I'm very happy right now with my partner.

How will you give back to your community?

Well since EMG is already designed on helping the community help themselves then I guess I'm already trying to do that. It's like this, if EMG goes as far as I'm praying then I will definitely be financially able to renovate buildings for victims and give food to the poor and etc. But my ultimate goal in this subject matter is to donate to Breast Cancer Research and slap Susan G. Komen for not giving us a cure sooner. 

I would first and foremost like to thank God because without him there would be no Willie Rashard Heyward Jr. I would also just like to thank my Samuel Cartwright (VP of EMG music division) and his lovely family for being such a great help to the business and teaching me lessons of spirituality and life. I would love to also thank my best friends Chas Johnson ( Co-Owner of EMG LLC), Brandon Chambers (SCAD Grad) , and Stevi Hall (EMG Band lead singer/rapper) and David Maloney (Computer Engineer) for everything they have done for me and just for staying by my side through thick and thin. I would like to thank David "Rookie" Edwards (Music Director of EMG Band) for being there with me since the small gigs and low-pay. I would like to thank the few cousins and relatives who actually took the time to help and encourage my family through the hard times and stayed by our side through it all. I definitely want to thank my Mom and Father and my sisters who have supported me on everything I put my mind to and I love them dearly. There was a saying that I want to leave you with that my uncle Arthur Nelson said to me in his office the day before I left for college. My uncle's quote set the tone for who I am as a person and it said,"Do good and Be good." God Bless.


Celebrity Hair Stylist Derick Monroe

Interview by Pamela Gibbs

P -Who have you worked with?
D- Since then I’ve worked with Brandy, Shondrella Avery from Cuts and One on One, she was one of the actresses on there and she also was in the secret life of bees. I do part time at the Wendy show. With the Wendy show I’ve worked with Judith Light, and Stacy Dash.

P – Who are your favorite people and what are your favorite events to do hair for?
D- I like the atmosphere and the people at the Wendy show. It’s a good place because there is a rotation and you don’t get stuck with one person. You always get to experience different personalities. If you like that person then that’s a good day, and if you don’t like them then at least you don’t have to see them again. That’s always a positive.

P - I like Wendy, she cracks me up.
D- She is, when I first met her I didn’t have an official introduction, so when I met her again she shook my hand, then she looked me up and down and she actually said to me “who are you, and who are you with?”  I said “I do hair and I work here”, she said “you do my hair” and I said “Wendy you know you never seen me do your hair, no I don’t do your hair boo, I know you see it on a little mannequin and you think I did it cause anybody could be doing it but no I don’t do it.” So after that she looked me up and down and she said, “Ok, you’re cute” and that’s really the extent of our interaction.

P -Do you have advice for people coming up trying to find who they are, or their niche?

D - I would advise them to definitely learn from my first mistakes. Set up a plan, even though things do not always go as planned you should still have a plan. I’m a strong Christian and I believe in the Solomon verse, that without a strong vision people will perish. If you don’t have a vision and something that you’re aiming towards, and you’re sort of flying by the seam of your pants, you are not going to get far. Just commit and don’t allow people to change you. Set a standard for what you are going to put up with and what you’re not going to put up with. Who you’re going to be and who you’re not going to be.You don’t have time to get into certain situations and figure if you’re down for what they are trying to get you to do. I stick to who I am. Thank God that is something I do have, I didn’t have a plan but I knew who I was going to be. I was going to be the “yes” man to go in and do the job and not try to be the person who kisses up. Try to allow your work to speak for itself.

I’m thankful that you asked me to do this interview because there are things that I wish someone would have told me. I wish there was an online magazine that was telling me what I should and shouldn’t do.When you are going through it you wish you had a point of reference to say this is something I should expect. People are going to be shiesty, and people are going to back stab you. But you don’t have to become the backstabber to get back at those people.

You have to know what is yours and stay positive. People
always appreciate a good attitude and a good personality. They don’t
want to hear your complaints or stank attitude. If you are pleasant,
it will carry you further then your talent will because a lot of times
there are a lot of people that are talented. Hair stylists come a dime
a dozen but its all about what you put out, and if you genuinely
care about these people.”

P- Anything else..
D- Things will come in time, if you don’t pace yourself what you’ll
do is jump on opportunities that were never designed for you, you’ll
go for the fool’s gold instead of waiting for the real gold. Right now
we’re getting ready to work on, Marcia is the key hairstylist and I
will be the assistant stylist on Willow Smith’s new video called With
My Hair.

Always be happy for others, always push other people because
when it comes your time you are going to want people to be happy
for you. 

Pamela Gibbs of Sharae Magazine left, Derick Monroe Right


Photographer Sylvia Plachy- Lecture

Written by Sharae Gibbs

Award-winning writer and photographer Sylvia Plachy visited SCAD for the Artist Lecture Series this evening. Some of her essays and portraits have appeared in New York Times Magazine, The Village Voice, The New Yorker, Granta, Artforum, Fortune, and other publications. Her book “Self Portrait with Cows Going Home” is a personal history of Central Europe with photographs. She is also the mother of Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody.

She began with photographs taken during the Hungarian Revolution. Her parents were too afraid for her to grow up during Stalin’s reign so she left Hungary at the age of thirteen. This photograph triggers a memory of her entire family lying flat on the ground in hiding to escape Hungary. Her photography reflects glimpses of her life that she captured. I recognized the portrait of her son in the movie, “The Pianist”, taken during their trip to the concentration camps. Many of her memories were tragic, a photograph from the corner where Emmett Till was killed, and in Kuwait during the first Iraqi War. I admire her ability to arrange her photographs to form a visual connection.

A professor in the audience noted that a lot of her work was shot in different formats. He posed the question “how do you chose which camera to use?” She responded to this question by stating “every camera has it’s own personality. “ As a young photographer she remembers walking around with six to eight types of cameras some in her waist or even back pocket. She uses panoramic, 33mm, and a Holga camera. She prefers square formats for portraits for solidity and beauty, and Nikons because they have “a warmth to it.”

The life of Sylvia Plachy amazes me because she was able to live fully engaged with her environment and fulfilled with the passion for her work .

“I’m happiest when I fall into something, when I am the one dancing with people.”
– Sylvia Plachy


Total Recall Vintage - Interview Christine Bourie

Interview by Sharae Gibbs 

S -How would you describe the style of your clothing line?
C- We try to get a pretty eclectic mix, but I like to describe a lot of the pieces as cyberpunk electro-glam. Basically, things that women wore in 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies that took place in the year 2020 and so on.

S -What can we expect from Total Recall in the future? Will you be available in stores?
C -We would definitely like to have a storefront at some time. We love Miami and would love to be able to share our pieces on a more local level, but we'll see where we end up. We are also planning to be opening the "Nouveau" section of the site soon, where we will be featuring items from up and coming designers as well as more popular names.

S - What are some of your favorite items from the collection?
C -Well, most of the pieces I really like are in my closet, but I think the bathing suits and bodysuits are my favorite. Particularly the Saved by the Beach suit. I also really dig all of our 90s grunge stuff. Lots of floral prints.


Brooklyn Museum - Andy Warhol The Last Decade

It was a gorgeous day in NYC to explore the various museums and exhibitions.With so many diverse people and places to travel in New York, there's no reason why anyone should be caught indoors.  While at the Brooklyn Museum I met some new friends and enjoyed great conversation. Take yourself out of your element, if need be travel on the train for an hour or so and see where you might end up!

Andy Warhol: The Last Decade examines the late work of American artist Andy Warhol (1928–1987). This exhibition displays a "decade of great artistic development for him, during which a dramatic transformation of his style took place alongside the introduction of new techniques."

As an aspiring graphic designer, I was in awe of his Self Portrait (strangulation) and his obsession with death. Though what I admire most about Warhol is how diverse and advanced he was for his time. He "continues to expand upon his artistic and business ventures with commissioned portraits, print series, television productions, and fashion projects, but he also reengaged with painting."  - http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/andy_warhol/

photography & article by Sharae Gibbs of sharaemagazine


B.HOLDER PHOTO INC. Sept. Issue 2010 Photoshoot sharaemagazine

Even in the thunder and rain fashion prevails! I had such a great time at this photoshoot with none other than Beverly Holder, my talented Aunt, and photographer; and model for sharaemagazine Simone Tubbs. Enjoy this slideshow of our fashion shoot in Long Island City, Queens located near the Pier overlooking the beautiful city life of Manhattan! This photoshoot marks the first online cover of sharaemagazine and each month I hope to promote more aspiring artists, models, designers, and photographers. If you have any work that you'd like me to review for the magazine please message me on Facebook or send me your work at sharaegibbs@yahoo.com. I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am of my supportive fans and friends. Enjoy the show!


Izien Ovbiagele - Eat Pray Love

Eat, Pray, Love

Let me start by saying if you haven’t seen this movie as of yet, go and purchase your ticket, whether it be in person or via the web. Julia Roberts plays the starring role in this phenomenal movie about a woman who learns how to let go, and love again. While she goes through the process of reconnecting with her inner being, she meets new people, forms strong bonds, and connects with individuals who each teach her valuable lessons in life. One of the key lessons expressed in the movie is having the ability to forgive and let go of life’s triumphs. 

Many of us allow our past to haunt our present; few of us are aware
 that our past does not make our future.

Is it in our nature to forgive another for slaying the very backs of the so-called people we token as “loved” ones, or even ourselves? All of us have done so more than once in our lives but many of us are afraid of the truth. The truth is what we need instead of being stuck in a whirlwind of endless denial. People who cheat on their spouses stay together in spite of society's view of what commitment should be. Many kids live in homes with married parents but broken houses; yeah, I know, how ironic. Many people work endless hours in work fields they never even had passion for, but only yearn for the hellish money and prestige gained in the process. What happens after that? We’re caught up in this technological/money-hungry world where a majority of us leave behind our morals in exchange for our greedy desires. Some sacrifice their families, marriages, heck—- they sacrifice their own happiness to live up to the standards of what the media and society has subconsciously set up for us. 

Take a mental break if needed, you know when your mind and body is tired. Read a book if you like, travel, or leave your phone and other gadgets at home and take a step outside. Learn to feel and see the beauty of nature; in the U.S., the stature of living is increasingly becoming fast-paced in the sense that we are forgetting to cherish the essential needs in our lives such as love, happiness, and faith. We’re putting more focus on the things in life that perish, advocating the fire to what is only temporary satisfaction.                                    
                                                                                    -Izien Ovbiagele



Alex Folzi - Briefcases & Trunks

 "ALEX FOLZI is an elegant brand inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of the army, air force, navy, sailors and in general the Northern American/European couture. " -http://www.alexfolzi.ca/

The Alex Folzi Briefcases and Trunks come in an array of different colors.  You can order these trendy and vintage briefcases at http://www.alexfolzi.ca/. Their style of clothing allows for the "individual to seek to express themselves through fashion." These briefcases and trunks definitely stand out whether you are in a business meeting or are trying to distinguish your luggage in a crowded airport!

To learn more about Alex Folzi, visit


Sugar & Spikes Fashion Show

Event by Pamela Gibbs
Photography by B.HOLDER PHOTO, INC.

Rock and Rollers from all over the city came to enjoy a night of music, mingling and fashion. The band TSI, which was founded in 2004 by Geoff Lenox, performed "Make it Mine", "Hands off My Rock & Roll" and more. Reverbnation.com described their sounds as "loud, catchy, and danceable music." They're primarily a punk band, but they are also influenced by many varieties of rock n' roll and metal.

As the band peformed, the models of Sugar & Spikes strutted down the runway in their funky fashions. At a back table in the club vendors sold TSI t-shirts and CD's. A runway lined the floor in front of a stage lit with rock and roll musicians.


Photographer & Artist - Victoria Campbell

What inspires you to create photography?

God is my number one inspiration. I feel honored every day to be able to capture images that I would not be able to without his beautiful creations. Photography allows moments, expressions, and unseen beauty to be caught that are so easily missed with all the distractions around us on a daily basis. Photography allows me to savor the moment, and create a story for onlookers they can ponder with. I draw inspiration from everything and anything, the joyful, the beautiful and the ugly. You name it, I photograph it. 
I also have this deep desire to make people feel uncomfortable with a lot of the photographs that I take. Many people in the past have gotten mixed reactions, that inspiration is enough for me.

Which do you prefer film photography or digital photography? Why?

Presently I have only been able to work with digital photography, but I have accumulated many antique cameras over the past couple of years. They include two 35mm cameras that I have film for but haven't had the chance to sit down to grasp and really appreciate. Though I must say, I highly respect film photography. One of my favorite photographers, Sally Mann, opened my eyes to how working with film and with older processes of photo making becomes more intimate. This intimacy is something I long for, and hope to experience very soon. 

What are some of your goals?

I hope to incorporate my photography into my future career. I want to bring new and raw images to the world. In saying that, I suppose my one goal is to make sure I don't allow myself to fall into one category of photography. I want to bridge all photography and bring forth a new movement. I don't want to bring only candid pictures to the public, but pictures of anything and everything that  will allow the viewer to not only glance at my photographs and move on, but stop, study it, and allow themselves to step close and have an experience. I'm not sure what this is going to take yet, but I am more then sure great ideas are on the way. Another goal of mine is to be able to conquer being in front of the camera, as well as behind.
How has Art/Photography influenced your life?

Naturally, without realizing it, art has always been a big part of my life.  At a young age in school I involved myself in taking pictures, modeling for the family camera, coloring, creating performances, singing. I participated in ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and art class. In highschool I focused on pre medicine then in my senior year I decided to take a ceramics class. I started to go to school early and stay late in order to spend extra time in this class and became involved in fashion. This class gave me the courage to be myself, and not knock my own creativity, even if people did stare. 

My second year of college I took a Visual Thinking Class and decided Studio Art should be my major. It's what I truly enjoyed. I have always loved making things, creating, sewing, decorating, painting, photographing, dancing, creative writing, poetry, etc, etc, etc. You name it, I want to learn it. For me Art and Photography allow me to see the world as a huge playground, a canvas, where, with God, the possibilities are endless. I like knowing that everywhere I go, there's art, and photography that others don't see, and we as artists have the ability to share it with them, just in case they've missed it. 


Betsey Johnson - Birthday Bash

Event by Pamela Gibbs

I had the pleasure to attend Betsey Johnson's Birthday Bash yesterday located at her Soho Boutique on Wooster street. She is known for her welcoming and colorful personality and "flirty" and "sassy" style. Johnson posed for pictures with her admiring fans and also made a few thank you speeches. She also announced yesterday that she would be a judge on this seasons Project Runway!

Her employees were dressed in her beautiful fashions and she wore a contagious smile that spread throughout the room. Drinks were served as well as cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe and chocolate covered strawberries, brownie bites and other delicious desserts. Betsey's Birthday Bash was not only a celebration for her, it was an extravaganza for all of her fans!

Passion Meets Purpose

I'm very interested in expanding my brand globally. Sharaemagazine is a place for artists, photographers, models, entrepreneurs, etc to network and learn what opportunities there are. By connecting with the magazine they will gain insight on what's happening in the world of Art & Design, Fashion, and Business.

I want to help others make their dreams come true as well as create a sufficient business for my lifestyle. I hope to take sharaemagazine from an online website to a print magazine filled with articles of aspiring artists. If you like the blog please comment and tell your friends!

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